Tuesday, October 5, 2010

175,000 for Jobs and Justice!

One Nation Rally  Oct 2                                                                   Huffington Post

175,000 to 200,000 Americans attended the One Nation Working Together Rally October 2 in Washington to promote job creation, education, health care and tolerance. Yet on NBC News (the only major network to even mention it) Sunday night there was a screen shot of the rally for all of about two seconds. Compare that to the Tea Party's rally on the same Mall that was estimated at 87,000 and garnered tons of news coverage. I think it will be harder to ignore Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity on Oct 30th!

Lou Schultz delivered a fiery message telling the politicians to represent us, the people- not the big corporate special interests. He talked about how Republicans are all about profit, shipping jobs overseas and concentrating wealth at the very top and urged everyone to vote on Nov 2.

"This gathering here today is America’s wake-up call. The giant called democracy is at last stirring again. Citizens are coming together to say freedom does not sleep. It may have been fueled and lulled for the moment into a lethargy, but it’s fully awake now. And we the people are its engine."                                                                                Harry Belafonte

NAACP President Ben Jealous said it was the most diverse gathering on the National Mall ever. “We have environmentalist and mine workers. We have conservative faith groups. We have Black people, Brown people; Jewish, Christians and Muslims; White people, Asian people and Native Americans all working together towards this goal of increase in investment in creating jobs and making sure that every child goes to a great school.”

One Nation                                                                    Huffington Post

This is the real face of America- diverse, optimistic and striving for justice for hard working American families.

This video from Crooks and Liars is shaky- but I think captures the spirit of the day-