Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Criminal Congress, Toxic Water, Single Payer and March against Monsanto!

                                                                                 Photo: Occupy Wall Street
Bought and Captured Congress
Congress is at it again. This week the House voted and passed nine bills that all do the bidding of Wall Street. It will allow them to continue their reckless Wall Street gambling with derivatives and ensures that Wall Street will get another bailout if they make the economy go bust again. There were only 6 on the Financial Services Committee who dared say no to Wall St. They are:Rep Maxine Waters (@MaxineWaters) (D-CA), Rep Keith Ellison (@keithellison) (D-MN), Rep Steven Lynch (@RepStephenLynch) (D-MA), Rep Velazquez (@NydiaVelazquez) (D-NY), Rep Mike Capuano (@mikecapuano) (D-MA), and Rep Al Green (@RepAlGreen) (D-TX). Send them a tweet to thank them. Read more on the 53 who sold us out.

Mountaintop Removal's Toxic Legacy
                                                                                                                                      Photo: Appalachia Rising

"Years of mountaintop removal coal mining have buried 2,000 miles of local streams with waste from Big Coal’s destruction — many of the streams that are left are devoid of life. Well water in the area isn’t safe either, and it’s making people sick." From

It is heartbreaking to see whole families having to protest in front of the EPA, that has continually failed them, with samples of the dirty water that they are forced to use. Please join their fight and sign the petition to protect the drinking water of families in Appalachia from mountaintop removal pollution.

Healthcare for All
From Kathie Aberman, Sullivan Co MoveOn

From a Healthcare for All Vigil in New Paltz in 2008                       B Upton
 Speak up for New York State Health on May 21st!

New York’s cost benefit analysis on securing state sponsored, quality health insurance for all New Yorkers revealed that only a single payer system like New York Health provided both universal comprehensive healthcare and reduced healthcare spending by $20 billion annually by 2019.

New York Health would significantly reduce the cost of by eliminating the estimated 30% of costs generated by high administrative overhead, excessive executive compensation, and the profit-driven practices in the private health insurance industry. New York Health would provide high quality, comprehensive health care for all New Yorkers, with access to medical services and providers of their choice, without regard to age, income, health or employment status.
In adopting New York Health, NY would be joining with Vermont, Maryland, Oregon, Montana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and California in developing a universal health care alternative with better health coverage at significantly less cost than the one offered through recent federal legislation.

On Tuesday, May 21, we will travel to Albany to urge our legislators to support the New York Health Bill, A.5389-A(Gottfried)/S.2078-A(Perkins).

We have received a generous, anonymous donation of a bus; all we need now are the people to fill it so we can WOW!!! our legislators with our presence.  They need to know that we support this legislation and they should take it seriously.

We have to hear from you soon if you can come.  PLEASE let us know by Friday,

May 10, and tell us where you’re coming from so we can figure out the best stops. Email me at:

And PLEASE pass this on to anyone you think will support the New York Health Bill.
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The Rising Tide against GMOs!

It is heartening to see that on May 25, protests are planned in nearly 300 cities in 30 countries against Monsanto and the genetic modification of our food supply.

Labeling initiatives are underway in 37 states, including New York! Please visit GMO Free NY
to contact your state assembly member and senator to ask them to co-sponsor legislation that would require labeling of GMOs.

And, best of all, sign up on FB for a Rally and March at 2PM at Peace Park in New Paltz! Organizer Beth Dulay has almost 150 already signed up! More information to come. And if you are still not quite sure why you should avoid GMOs for your health and that of your family- check this out- GMO? OMG! Ten Reasons to Never Eat GMOs

Keep faith!