Saturday, November 23, 2019

Kingston Rally for Impeachment - "No One Is Above the Law!"

About 50 people came out in cold, windy conditions in Kingston last night to demand accountability for Trump's corruption. "No One Is Above the Law" held by six people dominated the signs and sentiments of those there. Indivisible NY 19 organized the impromptu rally and we thank them!

It's very important that we use this crucial time to make our voices heard. As the organizers for the No One Is Above the Law- Bribery Is a High Crime said,

"We need to tell Congressman Antonio Delgado and House Democrats that we have their backs. Every member- Democrat and Republican- needs to remember the oath they took to protect the Constitution and speak out publicly in this moment to say nobody is above the law.

The GOP is stirring up their base to make calls to squash this inquiry into the president's wrong doing. We cannot let 25% of the voters (Trump's base) own the message. It's time to stand up."

70% of Americans think Trump's actions were wrong.

For a short vieo of the evening-

"Trump corruptly tried to extort a foreign ally at a moment of extreme vulnerability into announcing investigations that would boost his reelection chances." Washington Post Nov 22, 2019

When I called Rep Delgado's office yesterday, the staffer who answered the phone, seemed genuinely pleased to hear from a constituent thanking him for his stand on impeachment.

Please call  (202) 225-5614 or (845) 443-2930. 

Contact your friends in red states and ask them to call their representatives to support the impeachment inquiry too! Thank you and thanks to all who braved the weather to come out last night!

Kudos to Susan Jaworski for initiating the action!

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