Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, Kingston, NY!

About 200 Hudson Valley residents came out for a great rally yesterday in front of Congressman Hinchey's office in Kingston. Multiple speakers shared stories of unemployment, losing homes and other hardships and our hearts go out to all of them. Many also spoke about the need to dethrone corporations as the de facto rulers of our land and for government to listen to the people- who need jobs, not cuts and who want the richest among us to pay their fair share!

Lori DuBord, the congressman's assistant read a letter he wrote for the group in which he applauded the participants' efforts to raise awareness of corporate greed and thanked them "for giving a voice to the millions of Americans who have lost a job, lost a home, or lost hope in a country where the top 400 wealthiest Americans have more wealth than the bottom 50%." We thank Congressman Hinchey for his ongoing support for the people over special interests and we thank Lori too!

"Billionaires for Boehner" (thanks to John Grant and Jo Salas, aka Bette Van Yoo) livened the rally up by interrupting speakers- saying they had more of a right to speak- as they had more money and the Supreme Court has ruled that money=speech! Look for this group to expand and appear at future events! They were met with a resounding chorus of "Tax the Rich!"

We were happy that YNN, the Kingston Freeman, the Kingston Times and the Times Herald Record were there to cover us. More video and photos at the Freeman. The rally was organized by the Ulster County MoveOn Council and you are invited to join us to help plan future events (one for Nov 12 in the works), help with tabling, canvassing, organizing forums and more. Write to

There will be another "occupation" hosted by Occupy Wall Street, Hudson Valley this Saturday in front of Chase Bank in New Paltz (corner of Main and Plattekill) from 2-4 PM and at 4 there will be a forum in Village Hall to discuss alternatives to fracking among other things. Be there!

It was hard to sleep this morning as Bloomberg had announced they were going to clear Zucotti Park. I was so upset to awaken to this video -

But I can find nothing else about it- and although it is dated Oct 13- now I am thinking it may have been from Oct 5. In any event it shows what the protestors are sometimes up against!

Thousands showed up this morning to stand in solidarity with OWS, including many union members and the Mayor backed down! The occupation continues and will only grow stronger in the days and weeks ahead. Score a victory for OWS! Sending light, love, strength and protection to all.

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